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Locally-Owned and Operated

Come to us for custom irrigation, patios, retaining walls, lawn care, design, installation, and maintenance! Support a locally-owned business by choosing our licensed experts for your landscaping needs!

Guaranteed service

Our locally-owned company proudly services the Topeka and Lawrence areas. We use top quality products that are tailored to suit your needs. Get over seeding, weed and fungus control, insect control, and more! When you have us handle your property's landscaping, residential services and irrigation, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Full lawn care services

Not only can you get commercial maintenance from us, but we can maintain your home's lawn, too.

Our professionals adhere to strict industry standards. Get core aeration, granular slow

release fertilization, tree and shrub care,

weed control, pesticides, seeding, sodding,

sprays and more!

You'll never be stuck with cookie-cutter service with us. Everything that our

experts do will be customized to your taste and needs.

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Locally-Owned and Operated