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Our applications follow the season not the calendar. We have a suggested six-step lawn program that we recommend for this area that is modified from season to season depending on what type of weather we are experiencing. Timings and fertilizer needs are adjusted according to the change of seasons.

  • Application #1 - In early spring, use pre-emergent herbicide with fertilizer for the prevention of weeds and and to prvide nutrients for your grass.

  • Application #2 - In late spring, use broadleaf weed control for chick weeds, dandelions, thistle, henbit, and most broadleaf weeds.

  • Application #3 -  In early summer, apply fertilizer to help your lawn through the hot summer months, and well as spot spray for any new weeds. Grub control may also be done at this time for an additional charge.

  • Application #4 - In late summer, include fertilizer to help your lawn through the hot summer months and spot spray application for any new weeds.  

  • Application #5 - In early fall, use broadleaf weed control to spot spray any grassy weeds and nutsedge as needed.

  • Application #6 - In late fall, use high-nitrogen Winterizer to help put your lawn to bed for the long winter and supply the plants with nutrients for a quick green-up in the Spring.

Basic six-step program for proper lawn care

We use the best techniques to provide you the best services for your lawn, irrigation, and landscaping needs.

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